Our Approach: Children

We undertake to involve all children, at their level and stage of development, in the activities and curriculum of the Nursery and Pre-Preparatory classes. We follow the guidelines as set out by the Early Years and Childcare Directorate, delivering all activities, and education at foundation level, covering six main areas of learning. We hope to assist all children during their early formative years, to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities to lead them onto their next stage of learning at Infant and Primary level. Play should never be undervalued, and forms a major part in the little ones day experiencing a huge variety of activities both indoors and outdoors.

We include all children in our daily activities, regardless of colour, race, religion, disability or social background as one integrated and inclusive family.

Activities & Development
We  support all children in their individual learning journey from birth to five years. We support the unique development of all children including those with specific requirements having much experience in supporting children with learning difficulties in development, speech and language, hearing or visual impairment.