Pink Blossom (0-24 months)

Our Baby Room is for children aged between 0 years to 24 months, our main aim in the baby room is to forge a strong relationship between our staff and your child, the contentment and happiness of the babies is of paramount importance and we endeavour to achieve this through close communication with both the babies and their families.

Our baby room is cosy and fully equipped with sleeping, feeding, changing and messy areas. A wide variety of activities and toys provides stimulation and encourages development, both indoors and outdoors.

The children in this room as they get older will become more active and keen to explore their surroundings, they will be introduced to a wider variety of activities, and having access to all other toys and equipment will allow them to make their own choices.

We will begin to encourage self help skills such as hand washing, using cutlery and cups and helping at tidy up time, this will help with their transition into the toddler room.