Structure of Childcare Groups

We organise the Nursery primarily by age, but with the flexibility to adapt according to a child’s needs or abilities.

Groupings are Baby House 0-18 months, Creche 18-23 months, Nursery 24-36 months, Pre-school and Pre-Preparatory classes 36-60 months. Whilst these ages are guidelines it should be noted that children may be moved around the Nursery outside these guidelines if circumstances or a childs development or needs require it, but will be fully discussed with Parents.

Staff ratio’s

Staff ratio’s are mandatory as required by the Early Years and Ofsted being 1:3 children under 2 years , 1:4 children under 3 years, 1:8 over 3 years of ages. Variances to this are 1:4 for all children over 3 years if on an outing, or no less than the statutory requirement.